Complete Roofing & Siding is not that small unreliable company owned by a guy in a truck. We’re a trusted and established, family owned and operated roofing & siding company with dedicated and skilled tradesman who are the best in their fields and deliver quality work 100% of the time.

You will always have a point of contact for every project and you’ll never get passed off to anyone else. With Complete Roofing & Siding you get the attention, reliability, and quality of work you deserve.


Safety First

Our job sites are safe and comply with all current OSHA standards.

Honesty & Integrity

Our quotes are honest and there’s never a moment we can’t stand behind our work.


The only thing cleaner than our work is the way we leave our job sites everyday.

Customer Satisfaction

You will be 100% satisfied with our ability to be available and deliver on budget and on time.


We’re always accessible and always able to answer for the quality of our work.


Our workers are respectful, diligent and always a pleasure to encounter.



Initial Contact

You reach out, either by phone or email and let us know of your building or repair needs. It’s at this first stage that we can set up a day/time for your free estimate/inspection.


Project Planning

After your initial contact we start to build a mental blueprint around your exact vision for what you need us to do for your property. We’ll then set up an appointment for an in-person consultation.


In-Person Consultation

This is the most creative part of your working relationship with Complete Roofing & Siding. It’s now that we’re able to go in depth in regards to the direction, materials and budget of your project.


Estimate & Proposal

We will then promptly draft a detailed proposal that perfectly fits your vision and budget for the project filtered through knowledge on how to best achieve it.


Project Start To Finish

Once you approve the proposal the project will quickly begin. We will work efficiently to deliver all of the proposed work on budget and on time and you will have an open line of communication with our team for the whole length of the project.


Final Walkthrough

There will be a final walkthrough once the project is completed. This is done for quality assurance to ensure that every inch of the project is in line with your proposal and our standards of quality.